Traction battery

Trakcijski clanci

Traction battery is a lead acid battery used to power in-house transport vehicles (fork lifts, electric cars), or boats with electric drive, etc. Traction battery cell contains positive electrode, negative electrode and microporous separator. Plates of the same polarity are connected and have common baterry pole. Cells are connected into a series. Container is from polypropilene. Plug is for closing the hatch for control and adding the water. Container is elastic, with resistance on vibrations and pressure changes. 

Trakcijska baterija

If you want to maintain te quality of the „Munja“ traction battery, you must follow the instructions and maintenance manual that comes with the battery. They have all the needed informations about adequate battery operations. 




Traction cell „Munja“ have Ky designation. Number before Ky designates the number of the positive plates in the cell, and number after Ky designates the hight of the plates (mm).

Example: 5 Ky 225 designates traction battery cell with 5 positive plates in teh cell with the plate hight of 225 mm.

In the case of order we need following data:

  • voltage of the battery
  • battery capacity after 5 hour discharge
  • dimensions of the individual cell
  • maximum dimensions of the battery space (if possible with drawing of the battery box)
  • brand and type of the vehicle